Booster/D-Toxmix/Easy Mover/Rosehip & Seaweed Salt Lick - Testimonial
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I have a 16-year TB/QH that has always been a bit of a spook, has knee problems and has had a thin mane and tail. Late summer, I started him off with the D-toxmix and then moved him onto two months of the Booster. He is now on the Easy Mover and has a Rosehips Salt Lick. I can't tell you how pleased I am at the vibrant health he is experiencing.

I have tried many different supplements with him and most he refused to even eat, but he loves the herbs and they obviously love him. He is calmer and more willing to work. His knees seem much better. I do have him on a joint supplement for his knees, but it seems to work better in combination with the herbs. But the biggest outward change is, after all this time, his mane and tail are getting thicker and his tail is longer than it's ever been. I also noticed that before he got his winter coat he had dapples for the first time ever since I've had him. He is a bay with a beautiful red coat and it is shiny and vibrant.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with your products. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and have tried so many things with this horse. Your herbs have really brought him the vibrancy I've been trying to achieve since I purchased him 4 years ago. I just thought you'd like to hear another success story.

Thank you for making a wonderful product and making it available in the U.S."

Calmer - Testimonial
"Mary’s Bar Jet (aka ’Pony’) gets so nervous and excited before he runs that he loses all focus and on the first barrel, he runs right by it. I tried Wendals Herbs Calmer and now I feed it to him three days before and the day of the rodeo he’s competing in. It’s just enough to take the edge off so he is calmer and more focused on his run. He gets better times after he has Calmer than he does without it. I definitely see a difference when I feed it to my barrel horse. "

Calmer - Testimonial
"I am just writing to tell you how useful I found your Calmer mix with my old horse.

He was a seven-year-old part thoroughbred bay, and at 18 hands, when he got stressed everyone knew about it. Ever since I had him, he got stressed if he was left in a stable for any length of time or if he was left on his own. A stress ball didn't work (he stood on it and broke it), and other herbal remedies were tried without effect. I bought some of your herbal Calmer at Hickstead last year and it really seemed to settle him down. I have always been somewhat skeptical of herbal remedies (for humans and horses!), but there was definitely a noticeable effect and he was much easier to handle both in and out of the stable.

If I have any concerns with stressed horses in the future, I will most definitely be using Calmer. "
Calmer - Testimonial
"I hesitate to write this in case it is tempting fate, but I am so pleased with your product I am prepared to take the risk!

I visited your stall at Badminton Horse Trials, along with my wet and bedraggled husband and Springer Spaniel. It seemed as good a place as any to escape from the torrential rain.

We ended up purchasing a tub of Calmer for my seven-year-old Irish Draught x Thoroughbred, and it has improved our lives dramatically! We bought him as a foal, and he was already very aptly named Sparky. We refer to him as the "emotional thug" while others, who have ridden out with us and have witnessed us bolting off into the next county, are less polite. My husband and I were determined to persevere with him, and have always maintained that he was "emotional" rather than "nasty."

Because of my various work commitments, Sparky had a five-month break at the beginning of the year. I was dreading getting back on him; hence the purchase of Calmer, which I felt was as much for my psychological benefit as his.

At the beginning of June, after Sparky had been taking Calmer for nearly a month, we set off for a hack around the block. To my amazement, we both enjoyed the experience! Since then he has hacked out regularly with either my husband or myself.

We have encountered a peacock, a milk tanker, tractors, silage trucks, and a stroppy stallion, and so far he hasn't panicked!

Sparky is still far from perfect, but the difference in his general attitude to life is astonishing. He now appears generally relaxed, happy, and anxious to please. He is on his second tub of Calmer, and I will continue to place regular orders with you. Incidentally, I had previously tried the product of one of your main competitors, and while it slightly "took the edge off," it certainly did not have the dramatic effect we have experienced with your product. I also find your product far more reasonably priced.

Our old horse is on Easy Mover and is now far less inclined to stumble. "
Calmer - Testimonial
"I don't believe in homeopathic mumbo-jumbo. I wanted to say that first so you understand how skeptical I was about your products, and how desperate I must have been to try them.

My home bred thoroughbred horse out of a favorite mare was a delight until he was sent away to be broken at 3-1/2 years. He proved dangerously intractable with a wicked, furious temper. If I'd bought him, he'd have gone. However, luckily for him, because I'd bred him, I kept him, and was very brave to persevere. Now, I'm no fool, an old hand with horses, but suffered three lots of broken bones with this evil maniac. Professional establishments fared no better. Talented and clever, he learned quickly, bored easily, and threw tantrums designed to get rid of his rider permanently.

I started my thoroughbred on your herbs (the Calmer) about ten weeks ago. It took a week or so to notice a difference, but over the next week or so, it became radical. For the first time in his working life, he is prepared to cooperate. The furious temper and miserable sulks have gone, and I have a super horse who can do cross country, dressage, endurance, whatever I want. He still has his moments, but objections are quickly overcome and (I still find this hard to believe) he's enjoying himself…and wants to work!

So, from a disbeliever, thank you very much.

You're welcome to use this letter in any way you like, but please don't disclose my address. "
Calmer/Easy Mover - Testimonial
"Since first seeing your display at the Animal Health Trust Show, I have used your herbs for two elderly horses with various mobility concerns (Easy Mover) and also the Calmer on my lively palomino mare. She is much less jumpy and altogether a more pleasant ride. I have found both your herbs and your friendly advice and sales service excellent.

Thank you very much. "
Dog Calmer - Testimonial
"Thank you for sending the 500gm pack of Dog Calmer herb mix so quickly.

We have been most impressed with the effectiveness of the first tub of Dog Calmer given to our rather excitable female German Shepherd.

The improvement has been very noticeable, and we have been able to reduce the dosage after three weeks with the calming effect being maintained.

We introduced the mix gradually over three days to the required level and had no difficulty in getting her to accept the changed flavor.

Thanks for your help. "
Dog Stop Itch - Testimonial
"Too often we complain if a product doesn't just work as it was claimed to! However, in this case, it is one of a great success. Our yellow Labrador "Honey" had herself scratched almost into new flesh. All the vets could do was suggest reducing the protein in her diet and give her rice - "how boring."

We purchased your Dog Itch herbs…

Now the hair has grown back, she hardly scratches at all, and a new coat is gleaming.

I will suggest this to friends with dogs. I have just ordered more.

Thanks for your help. "
Dog Stop Itch - Testimonial
"May I take this opportunity to say that following many visits to the vet, having seen vet after vet, specialists, dermatologists, and alternative therapists with no avail, my dog has responded to your product with brilliant results.

She is a three-year-old Doberman who has for the last couple of years suffered terribly with her paws due to incessant itching. It would get to the point where she would be licking her paws day and night, even chewing them to try to get a degree of relief with no success. She would get herself into such a state she wouldn't even be able to put her paws on the floor because of the pain.

We tried everything our vet could suggest which sometimes gave temporary relief, but the concern would not go away.

Following a visit to the Sainsbury's Pets Pets Pets Show at Harewood House in Leeds, we tried a small tub of Stop Itch. The results were almost immediate. Within three or four days, she had lost all interest in licking her feet whatsoever, and has had absolutely no problem since. Due to your product, not only has the problem disappeared, my dog is obviously so much happier and healthier, and I have saved an absolute fortune on vet bills. Thanks again. "
Comfrey Cream - Testimonial
"I have pleasure in writing to tell you how pleased I am with one of your products.

My horse has had a nasty wound to his upper eyelid for several weeks now, which just would not heal. I went to the horse trials at Poplar Park on March 13, and chatted to your representative there who recommended one of your creams. I bought the Comfrey Cream and started using it that evening. After two applications a day, the wound cleared up within the week, new hair is now beginning to grow, and he looks a lot better.

I shall have no hesitation in recommending the cream to my friends."
Garlic Granules - Testimonial
"I raise alpacas and every summer I wage war against the biting flies. For the past six years I have tried numerous products sold to alpaca breeders that are designed to reduce or repel biting flies yet nothing seemed to make a difference here until I began to use Wendals Herbs Garlic. Last year was the first time in six years that I did not have to purchase a single bottle of Bronco spray.

I used the garlic for the first time in June 2006 and within weeks there was a noticeable difference in the fly population on my farm. It was so nice not having the flies hovering in the eyes of my alpacas or helplessly watching them bite my animals wherever they could get through the fleece.

I expect there are other benefits from using the garlic and I look forward to discovering those. In the meantime, I get to enjoy my alpaca kisses and let me tell you, there is nothing that can bring a smile to my face quicker than an alpaca kiss with the aroma of garlic! I know it is doing its job."
Garlic Granules - Testimonial
"I first started using garlic some 8 years ago for my dogs. I had read that garlic reduced mosquito and flea problems. I knew that my Golden Retriever became sick to his stomach after being treated with the usual chewable heartworm medications. I started using garlic at once and never had a flea, tick or heartworm problem, even when a visiting dog brought fleas into the house.

Last September I discovered Wendals Herbs Garlic Granules. I fell in love with garlic all over again! Within a few weeks, and in combination with regular worming, my two new horses are now worm-free. At the same time I started giving the garlic granules to our two Anatolian Shepherds. The true testimonial comes from my small animal vet who claims that he had never seen a working dog without worms and wanted to know our secret.

I am now using garlic on my alpacas. I was worried at first that they would not like the smell or taste and try to eat around the granules. I was pleasantly surprised when not one of them gave any sign of displeasure. Since we are starting out worm-free, I don't expect to see any major changes, except that now I have the peace of mind knowing that we will be less likely to have worm problems in the future."
Liquid Devis Claw/Special Easy Mover - Testimonial
"We felt we must write to you to thank you for your company's help with our yearling Cashmere, who was bought for our ten-year-old Tory recently and then diagnosed with arthritis in the fetlock. We were advised to have her destroyed.

Obviously, we were distraught, especially Tory, but as there was a legal situation pending with the seller, we were forced to keep Cashmere alive for a short time.

I freely admit that as an act of desperation and with little conviction, I contacted your office, and from then on everything turned the corner. You came out within hours that evening complete with Liquid Devils Claw and Special Easy Mover. A list of dosage, all the advice and information we could need, and some hope that Cashmere had a future.

Cashmere was already on Bute from the vet, three sachets a day to keep her pain free, so initially we were unable to tell what was easing her pain, but within two days, we had her off Bute and only on your herbs and Devils Claw. Within a week, Cashmere was sound at walk and canter and slightly lame at trot. Since then, we have had only one setback when we stopped her Easy Mover to see what effect it had, and she had problems, but as soon as we re-instated her herbs, she was pain free and 90% sound. We hope that, given time, she will be 100% and live a long, happy, pain-free life.

We cannot thank you enough. "
Liquid Dog Easy Mover - Testimonial
"I have a 14 year old Jack Russell who was becoming very stiff through his shoulder resulting in a pronounced limp. I started giving him Easy Mover and two weeks later he's a different dog. He's still a little stiff after resting but the limp has disappeared, he has more energy and seems a much happier dog. I'm really surprised, and thrilled, by the results. Thank you!"
Melanix/Easy Mover - Testimonial
"You may find these before and after shots of Willis' sarcoid of interest!

He has now been on Melanoma Mix for 18 months, and the improvement has been considerable. Canabar is still doing well on Easy Mover and has not been on Bute since January. "
Moody Mare - Testimonial
"Please could you send me some more Moody Mare for my Connemara mare called "Lass." She has one measure morning and at night.

The herbs seem to be working as we have shown her twice under saddle, and she has won two firsts and championship and has behaved well enough for a person at one of the shows to comment and say, "what have you done to this mare to make her so quiet, have you doped her?"

After the last show, "Lass" unfortunately missed two days without the herbs, and she became very much the old Lass with her antics. Is there any way of having a larger size, does it work out cheaper?

Thanking you in anticipation. "
Special Respiration/Weight Gain/Farriers Blend - Testimonial
"I sent you a fax dated May 28, 1998 regarding my horse Maz and how Wendals Herbs have helped him greatly.

I said I would write to you again, later in the year, now that my horse had had time to rest totally and improve.

He is a 16-year-old gelding, three quarters Arab and one quarter American Saddlebred. We have done endurance riding in the past, and he won the 60-mile race ride at Cirencester one year (my greatest claim to fame!). He was doing very poorly earlier in the year (about six months ago), and the vet thought he may have to be shot. Needless to say, I spent the whole evening in tears.

He had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, his saddle did not fit properly, he had lost a great deal of muscle and condition, and he was not "tracking up." Even his hooves had big black lines on them and were poor in quality. He also looked depressed.

Consequently, the saddle is for sale, my horse was given total rest, he is now looked after by someone else whose horse management is 100% excellent, and I have a superb specimen now. He has gone up three rug sizes (6'3" now instead of 6"), and he is now over-reaching rather than not tracking up (over-reach boots have now been bought). The vet came to look at him about two weeks ago and said he was in excellent condition, just the right height/weight ratio, and his lungs have also cleared. I feel so happy, thankful and relieved, as I love my horse so much.

We gave him Wendals Herbs Weight Gain, Farriers Blend, and Special Respiration. I am convinced that these products have helped him enormously, and I would like to thank you sincerely. His new hoof growth is of excellent quality, his feet are changing shape, and the farrier says he will need the next shoe size up when his is next shod.

I would just like you to know that I am very grateful to your company and its very beneficial products. I am enclosing the "before" and "after" photographs of my horse which speak for themselves. When I look at the "before" photos, I feel ill. I would be grateful if you could return them to me when you have finished with them.

For your information, the whole process of transformation took approximately six months. Many thanks, indeed, and I am very thankful that I still have a wonderful horse. "
Stop Itch/Garlic Granules - Testimonial
"Further to meeting you at the Pledges open day, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with both of your products I bought.

I went into Pledges to buy my normal monthly tub of Hilton Herbs for my horse Barnaby's arthritis, and some fly spray, as Barnaby has been getting some lumps on his body and face. I came out with a tub of Stop Itch and a tub of Calmer/Easy Mover mix, not knowing whether I had done the right thing.

You may remember that we had a discussion as to whether Barnaby needed Devils Claw. You were right. He did not need it. In fact, he has been moving a lot better without it on your herbs. You may also remember that Barnaby has been diagnosed with Adrenal Cushing's disease which I manage with a careful diet program as it upsets his metabolism. I thought this may have been causing the lumps on his body as some sort of allergic reaction. The Stop Itch has worked wonders; the lumps have disappeared, his eyes and coat are much brighter. I have finished the tub now, so I will see how he gets on without it. I am still using the Calmer/Easy Mover mix daily and have started to feed your Garlic Granules as an ongoing treatment from the Stop Itch.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your products to all my friends. They both worked within 7 to 10 days.

Many thanks for taking the time to speak to me at Pledges, and for making my horse a happier, more comfortable little chap."