Wendals Canine Products
Whether your "best friend" is over-excited, has stiff joints, skin irritation or is just nervous, we have a product that has a proven track record of success. Developed over twelve years ago, Wendals range of herbal blends offer a truly natural approach to assist with concerns in dogs.
Dog Garlic Granules
  • Pure top grade garlic helps maintain general health in an easy-to-use form
  • Maintains a normal, healthy respiratory system
  • May help support the immune system
  • Won't smell up your house or dog!
  • Contains 100% pure garlic granules
  • Small dogs up to 22 lbs, 1 scoop; 23-44 lbs, 2 scoops; 45-77 lbs, 3 scoops; over 77 lbs, 4 scoops daily
  • Available in 500 gms
  • Learn the many ways garlic can help your dog

Try Wendals Herbs for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied with the results, simply return it for a refund, credit or exchange.

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