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Horses are herbivores. It is natural for them to eat herbs. In their natural environment, horses graze and they readily eat various herbs while they grow. Herbs such as Comfrey, Red Clover and even wild Garlic will often be sought out and eaten when they are available. However, even in the "good old days" not all useful herbs were growing in the green pastures since each require differing climates to be at their best. This has meant that traditionally herbs have been supplemented to the diet.
Garlic Granules
  • All-natural, healthy immune support supplement helps deter biting insects, too!
  • Garlic provides so many year-round benefits; it's the most commonly used herb for horses
  • Helps support a healthy immune system, healthy skin and hair coat, healthy respiratory system and so much more
  • Supplement Garlic Granules in the summer months to help deter biting insects and help your horse and you have a happier, more enjoyable riding season
  • Highly palatable, 100% pure, top grade garlic granules leave no waste, oily mess or nostril irritation
  • Average horse 2-3 scoops daily
  • 2.2 lb lasts about 28 days
  • Available in 2.2 lbs, 5.5 lbs, 11 lbs
  • Learn the many ways garlic can help your horse
    Insist on Wendals Herbs Garlic Granules to help support your horse's health and happiness.

Pure Garlic Salt Lick
  • All-Natural, healthy immune support supplement helps deter biting insects too!
  • Ad-lib salt lick for competition and hard-working horses
  • Can place in bucket or container so it doesn't get kicked around
  • Allows horses to lick when they want or need garlic
  • Contains garlic, herbs and salt
  • Available in 7.7 lbs


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